We will make the Australian education experience the most amazing time of your life! 

Through engagement and personal empowerment, we will enrich students and their communities with the freedom and confidence to enjoy the Australian way of life! 

How StudySafe Works

StudySafe works by supporting students to live the lives that they want to live and enjoy the Australian way of life.Our founders and partners have been students and understand the challenges they face, especially those migrating to Australia to study. As former police officers, we understand the vulnerabilities and risks faced by students and the methods of those that would target them.We utilise a powerful, interactive platform that empowers students to evaluate their environment and contribute to their own safety and welfare and the safety and welfare of others. Through our community reach and engagement, we bring opportunities and advantages to members that are often not available to students, especially those that have migrated to study here. 


We assist organisations in creating an environment that allows Students a safe, prosperous and rewarding Australian experience. We support Students through information, skills and services, to ensure they’re safe and confident when exploring, learning and growing.

What we do.

StudySafe is a welfare programme marketed to reduce the vulnerabilities and challenges of international and Australian students










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